The Ideal Fast Food Burger Is In A Sequence -

The Ideal Fast Food Burger Is In A Sequence -

best fast burgerNever to go complete hipster for you, but the title of best fast food burger in The Usa now belongs to a location most people have likely never heard of (this includes myself, before composing this post).

Consumer Reports' recent fast food rankings (culled from customer surveys of 96,208 meals at 65 chains) revealed some things we already knew,* some things we did not,** and some things that don't make any sense from an rankings view.***

In case you do not have much of a connection to the state of California, chances are you've never heard of Habit Burger. It was started in Santa Barbara in 1969 and slowly grown until being taken over in 2007 by private equity firm KarpReilly -- now, it is over 100 psslaces, including some in Utah and Arizona.

Its hallmark the best fast food burger the Charburger is not complex but classic: cheese, mayo, pickle, tomato, lettuce, and caramelized onions. The onions may function as the secret here -- anyone who lets you understand that caramelized onions aren't delectable on a hamburger is not to be trusted -- but it is also no surprise that simpler is better; Five Guys' wild success with perhaps the most straightforward menu in existence shows that Americans do not seek intricacy as much as execution. In fact, not in the Sub group (people ostensibly INCREDIBLY adore sandwiches -- there are five areas with an 8 evaluation, none of which I've ever even heard of), Custom Burger's 8.1 rating is one of just three 8 ratings in the whole survey, the other two being In N Out (8.0) and Chik-Fil-A (8.1).

Given that I live about 80 bajillion miles away from California (my comprehension of comparative geography is less than perfect), I Have not ever had a chance to strive Custom Burger, and so I'll have to rely on my California readers to tell me how true this is. What do you guys consider?

McDonald's hamburgers, at a 5.8, deserve particular attention here, though: marking down Taco Bell's outlandish miscategorization (we'll get there in a minute), no other food in any class ranked below a 6.6.

Has anyone involved in these situations eaten at either of those places? Also, Hardee's still exists?!

best fast burgerDoes anyone really eat their burritos? It is not called Burrito Bell.

In addition, there's no possible universe in which Baja Fresh is better than Taco Bell. Baja Fresh tastes like someone boiled chipmunk carcasses and thrown them inside a tortilla made from aspartame that is solidified. Fuck Baja Fresh.

The caliber of the best fast food burger one frequently tends to be a superb index of the level of the fast food institution, especially if that organization purports to be a burger chain. So, in an attempt to find out which hamburger was the most honest of them all, I chose to taste-test the cheeseburgers at eight major fast-food chains. In just one day. It was simultaneously a wonderful and dreadful thought.
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